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Masana instant Porridge
is also available in:

• 50g/100g Serving size
• 10kg Bags
• 25kg Bags

This is a Convenient, Culturally Acceptable, Tasty yet very Healthy Breakfast Option, suitable for the whole family.  


80% High potent vitamin premix

10 Day effect of:
• High energy
• Mental alertness
• Protection from sicknesses
• Treats malnutrition from nutritient defeciences
• Boosts overall health and wellness

Convenient & Cost Effective

10 Day effect of:
• No cooking required
• Can be mixed with warm or cold water
• No sugar needed
• Milk not neccessary

Made from extruded maize substrate

• Maize is an african staple making it culturally accepatble
• Sustainable health benefits
• Suitable for the whole family

Available in 4 tasty flavours

• Four tasty flavours to suit everyone’s taste preference
• No taste fatique
• Sustainable/prolonged health benefits
• No metal after taste typical with food supplements
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Masana Instant Porridge can benefit the whole community more especially the following groups:

A. Social Development Programmes
1. Early Development Centres
2. SASSA Food Parcels
3. NPOs dealing with all vulnerable groups from Cared
of the Aged, HIV/AIDS, Destitute women and children etc
  B. Department of Health
1. In – house usage for Acute Malnutrition Management
2. TTO- Supplementary Feeding Schemes Outpatient and
ARV Outpatient Clinics

C. Department of Basic Education
More than 5 million school children do not have ready access to nutritious food according to the Department of Education. A child cannot concentrate and learn on an empty stomach and good nutrition plays a vital part in a good education. Though some schools offer nutrition programmes of bread and juice, they are inadequate and cannot be relied upon to meet basic dietary needs

1. Primary School Nutrition Programmes
2. Secondary School Nutrition programmes


D. Business to Business such as wholesalers and/or distributers around SADC

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Enhancing the Quality of lives through Relevant,
Simple yet Effective Nutrition Solutions




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